A Continuing Care Retirement Community
A Continuing Care Retirement Community


Clark-Lindsey offers senior adults exceptional services and living environments designed to engage the mind, spirit, and body in wellness and community.

Our Vision

To realize the mission of Clark-Lindsey, the Board of Directors, management and employees will seek to fulfill the following goals:

  • To offer residents the opportunity to explore new experiences and new relationships, while enjoying the comfort and familiarity that comes from being among colleagues and friends;
  • To provide a variety of programs and facilities that promote optimal health and fitness;
  • To inspire residents to remain socially, professionally and intellectually involved through continued education and cultural opportunities;
  • To incorporate the best of our community resources and to build upon existing relationships with the University of Illinois;
  • To provide residents with access to high caliber educational and recreational resources, providing opportunities to stay connected with the local community regardless of age;
  • To provide high quality health services necessary to support residents throughout their lives.