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Meadowbrook Health Center Expands Private Rooms

Clark-Lindsey's Meadowbrook Health Center is adding a dozen Medicare beds, all in private rooms, in its short-term skilled care as of April 1st. This area, commonly referred to as Renewal Therapy Center, will be able to serve more patients, fulfilling a great need in our community.
"Patients leaving local hospitals, but not quite ready to go home, have a choice as to where they rehabilitate," says Rikki Brady, Vice President of Health Services at Clark-Lindsey's Meadowbrook Health Center. "We think private rooms, in our 5-star-rated skilled care center, will be a desirable choice." Meadowbrook Health Center accepts Medicare as well as other private insurance companies including Health Alliance.

In addition to Brady's leadership, a new Director of Nursing, Alexa Stephens, has been hired. Stephens is responsible for planning, directing and evaluating activities of the Medicare-certified skilled nursing units, collectively referred to as Renewal Therapy Center. She works closely with the new Director of Residential Skilled Care and the Green House Homes Guide to coordinate resident care activities relating to overall resident and family satisfaction.

This expansion is connected to the recent addition of Clark-Lindsey's Wellness Center which includes a 1900 sq. feet therapy gym and fitness center, both with cutting edge technology, a massage and meditation space as well as a 46x25 ft. indoor swimming pool.

In additional to the expanded short-term skilled care, Clark-Lindsey's Meadowbrook Health Center also provides long-term, residential skilled care in two additional wings of the building. Immediately south of Meadowbrook Health Center are Clark-Lindsey's two new Green House Homes. One home is assisted living, specializing in memory care, and the other is licensed skilled care.