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 November 29, 2021

This involves Independent Living Village Apartment Residents:

We have some great news to report....the water will be up and running at Clark-Lindsey on Monday, November 29, 2021! Residents may move back to their apartments!

  • As of Monday, 8 a.m. we will have all the water we need!  It will be ready to use for drinking, cooking, showering, and laundry.  And yes, the toilets will work as well. Run faucets for a few moments to help get the air out of the system. Also, dispose of all ice in automatic ice makers.  Later this week, the permanent repair to the water line will be completed.  Later this week there will be a temporary water shut-down but it should only be for a short time and will not require a boil order once the water service is back on.

The main lobby and employee entrance will be closed Monday as ServPro continues to clean the floors.

  • Please use Door 1, Door 2, Door 5 or Door 6 to enter the building.
  • Door fobs are fully activated and can be used to open all external doors.
  • The Front Desk has been temporarily relocated to the Horsfall Private Dining Room. 

Please follow all signs and avoid off-limit areas as cleaning crews will be working to put all of the areas back in order.  The fans will disappear as soon as the moisture levels in the air and surfaces are at acceptable levels. 

Services to be open Monday, November 29:

  • Laing Dining Room for dinner (with reservations) and apartment delivery.  Tech time to help with future reservations will be from 2p-3p.  A list of residents who have made reservations will be posted on the bulletin board across from the Huegy Lounge mailbox.
  • Mailboxes (some packages have already been delivered to apartment.  Others are being stored in the Horsfall)
  • Transportation to medical appointments as previously scheduled
  • Regular apartment cleaning as normally scheduled
  • Maintenance requests can be made through the resident portal or by calling the front desk and will be prioritized as staff is available.
  • The solarium and library remain open (and is a great place to read a book for those missing the wellness lobby!)
  • Resident laundry rooms will be open but likely busy...please anticipate delays and be flexible in when you use the laundry rooms
  • Services that will resume on Tuesday, November 30:
  • Regular Tuesday transportation to the grocery stores with additional grocery store transportation available on Thursday (sign up with the receptionist as usual)
  • Morning Coffee & Conversation will resume on Tuesday morning in the Laing Dining Room.
  • Group fitness classes (not aquatic) will be held in the Laing Dining Room and moved to the Fitness Center once clean-up is complete. 
  • Outpatient Therapy will resume early next week.  Therapy clients will be notified by the Therapy Department regarding specific appointments)
  • Services resuming on Wednesday, December 1:
  • Fitness Classes in the Gym
  • Aquatic Classes
  • Gym, Pool and Locker Rooms
  • Wellness Lobby, including the coffee machine
  • Services resuming next Monday, December 6th:
  • Wellness Center Members (non-residents)

Areas that will be closed until clean-up is completed later this week:

  • Storage Lockers
  • Workshop
  • Flower Shop
  • Business Office (call 217.239.6336 to leave a voicemail)
  • Resident Services Office (the team is working out of the Horsfall until their offices are open again)
  • Activity Center, Billards Room, Multipurpose Room
  • Maintenance Hallway
  • Employee Entrance
  • Main Entrance
  • Front Desk
  • Salon Services (closed all of this week and reopening next week)

Other Information about Returning Home:

  • If faucet is not running as it should, it might be that there is sediment clogging the aerator.  Remove the aerator and clean it out or put a work order in to have maintenance do it.  As more residents return and use the water, the warm water will gradually return to normal.
  • We will be providing free COVID testing on Tuesday.  Clinic times will be announced on Channel 2 and the resident portal.
  • The excavation damaged the wiring for the Race Street parking lot lights.  We are working with contractors to arrange for repairs.
  • Please follow all signs and avoid off-limit areas, including the storage lockers.  Towards the end of the week, Residential Services will set up office hours to assist residents with checking out their locker as well as assisting with any necessary insurance claims. 
  • ServPro will be here on Monday to start the deep cleaning of carpets in affected areas so that we can return furniture to its proper place.


Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate.  Our usual decorating for the winter holidays will be delayed somewhat as staff take on extra duties this week to help everyone settle back into regular life.  Perhaps by next week we will be in the full swing of the holiday season!

Thank you to all who have reached out with suggestions and compliments for the staff.  We are happy to serve and are very appreciative of your patience and your adventurous spirits!