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Share the Love: Group Hug

Clark-Lindsey residents are giving and receiving hugs all week in a hug-bingo and will celebrate with one GIANT hug on Friday, 2/16/18.

The Hugging Movement is strong at Clark-Lindsey thanks to the idea of an independent living apartment resident and execution from a dedicated Wellness Team!

A sincere, long lasting hug can have, therapeutic benefits including relaxation, calming effects, easing anxiety, stress reduction, and can evoke a sense of safety. Often the benefits of hugs can be overlooked. One resident notices that when she gives others hugs they often have responses along the lines of, “I needed that.”

Clark-Lindsey’s Wellness Department has expanded on the idea and created a hugging bingo game, or HUG-O. The game started on Monday, but bingo cards are available for pick up and play continues all week. HUG-O spaces include “hug a neighbor”, “hug an animal”, “hug a tree”, and “participate in a group hug”. Why not see how big of a group hug we can achieve?

“This event is a celebration of our warm and vibrant community and is the culmination of a few residents’ desires to brighten the days of their neighbors,” said Barbara Orden, an independent living apartment resident.

The game will commence with a GIANT group hug on Friday, Feb. 16th at 10:15 am in the Huegy Lounge at Clark- Lindsey. All are welcome to embrace the benefits of a good hug.