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Clark-Lindsey Resident Becomes Featured Artist


[Article by Jim Rossow in the News-Gazette on 4/22/2018]

On Friday at the Urbana Free Library, University of Illinois grad Dorothy Mae "Dodee" Buzzard will celebrate her birthday — she hit 99 on April 12 — and show off her skills as an artist.

Buzzard's "The Story Of My Life" is an impressive collection of watercolor paintings that tells of her love of nature, travel and family. It's part of the Urbana Public Arts Program's Artist of the Corridor, which offers area talent — no matter how young or old — the chance to showcase their work.

Buzzard's an up-and-comer, having first tinkered with watercolor painting a few years back when she moved to Clark-Lindsey Village in Urbana.

There, her apartment is conveniently located near the art studio where she paints several times a week. She hangs artwork on her door and across the hallway, too.

In April, she's taken her act on the road as part of the Boneyard Arts Festival. She'll attend Friday's showing (noon to 1:30 p.m. at Lewis Auditorium) to share birthday cake and how "The Story Of My Life" came to be. She hopes to see you there.

"Being able to make art," Buzzard said, "has given me an appreciation of life and its purpose and beauty, an awareness of people and their personalities, and made me thankful to be here in this beautiful and loving environment."